Standard Heat Pipe

Standard Heat Pipe

Enertron provides a large variety of Standard Heat Pipe dimensions via our Heat Pipe Online Store to assist customer’s looking for an immediate solution to their thermal management issue.

General Characteristics of Heat Pipes

  • Material: Copper C102
  • Working Fluid: De-ionized water or Methanol
  • Wick Structure: Sintered Powder Metal, Groove, or Composite (Sintered Powdered Metal over Groove Wick)


  • Diameters, OD: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm
  • Lengths:
    • 3mm dia: 60mm to 300mm
    • 4mm dia: 60mm to 350mm
    • 5mm dia: 65mm to 500mm
    • 6mm dia: 70mm to 650mm
    • 8mm dia: 75mm to 650mm
    • 10mm dia: 80mm to 650mm
    • 12mm dia: 85mm to 650mm
  • Surface Finish: Anti-oxidation surface treatment or Nickel plating
  • Standard Form: Round in cross-section, Straight pipe

Standard Form

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