Custom Heat Pipe

Custom Heat Pipe

Enertron provides Custom Heat Pipe in order to meet customer’s requirements on specific applications. Our¬†straight round heat pipe can be formed into the required shape by bending and flattening. Most cooling applications require heat pipes to route through the mechanical and electronic hardware; thus bent and flattened portions are necessary. The recommended bend radius of a heat pipe should be 3 times the heat pipe diameter. Any bend radius smaller than 3X or any sharp bend may crack the wick inside and/or wrinkle the pipe wall which will reduce the heat transport capability greatly.

As to the flattening of a heat pipe, each diameter has its own limitation on the thickness. Excess flattening will block the vapor passage inside the heat pipe which will also reduce the heat transport capability. Please refer to our test reports discussing the effects of flattening and bending. They will be able to provide you with a basic understanding of the heat transport performance affected by flattening or bending.

Lastly, if a custom heat pipe has both bends and flattened portions coexisting, the process of forming should be bending first then flattening.

General Characteristics of Heat Pipes

  • Material: Copper C102
  • Working Fluid: De-ionized water or Methanol
  • Wick Structure: Sintered Powder Metal, Groove, or Composite (Sintered Powder Metal over Groove Wick)


  • Standard Diameters, OD: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12mm. Other diameters are available upon request.
  • Typical Heat pipe Modifications from standard diameters: Bending and Flattening.
  • Maximum Custom Length: 600mm for sintered powder wick.
  • Surface Finish: Anti-oxidation surface treatment or Nickel plating.
  • Recommended bending radius: 3.0 x OD

Modified Form (Flat heat pipe thickness and width reference table):

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