Mini Modular Fan Cooler

Mini Modular Fan Cooler




Mini Modular Fan Coolers (MMFC) are designed for applications with space constraints over the heat source. In this situation, there is insufficient space for a direct mounted heat sink, or airflow restrictions prevent adequate air passage. By using a heat pipe, the heat is carried to an area large enough to hold the required heat sink and fan.

Enertron Mini Modular Fan Cooler

Typically, these heat sinks are comprised of a heat collector, a heat pipe, a finned heat sink structure, and an axial fan. The heat sink is mounted to the heat source using the heat collector, which ensures proper interfacing to the source. The heat is then conducted to the heat pipe. The heat pipe transports the heat to the heat sink. Typically, an axial fan is mounted to the heat sink, which provides the forced convection to dissipate the heat to the ambient air.

The Mini Modular Fan Cooler was used extensively in Pentiumâ„¢ II laptop computers. As laptop computers became thinner, axial fans could no longer be used for the heat sink solutions. A new generation of laptop heat sinks were created to meet the new challenges, see Slim Heat Sink. Though the MMFC is no longer used in laptop PCs, it continues to be a viable thermal solution/heat sink for other applications.

Best Applications for Mini Modular Fan Cooler - Heat Sink:

  • Mobile computers
  • Laptop PCs
  • Land-based mobile computers
  • Industrial computers where space is limited
  • Digital cameras
  • Scientific and medical instruments
  • Telecommunications modules

To learn more about design and manufacturing of MMFC or if you have an application with limited space for thermal solution and heat sink, please contact one of our engineers.

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