Heat Pipe Integrated Sinks

Heat Pipe Integrated Sinks




Heat pipes are very efficient heat conductors. Heat pipes offer a very effective method of transporting heat over a given distance. Heat pipes are great tool for heat sink designers and engineers facing challenging thermal management problems. Enertron uses heat pipes in three common scenarios:

1. Heat pipe is used to move heat from a heat source to another area where the heat sink is located
2. Heat pipe is used to improve the heat spreading across the heat sink base
3. Heat pipe is used to improve the efficiency of the heat sink

In the first scenario, mounting a heat sink directly to the heat source is not a viable solution. This is often due to space limitations for heat sink integration, as commonly seen in laptop computers, game systems, and telecom rack systems.

In the second scenario, heat pipes are used to improve the performance of an existing heat sink. In the case of a concentrated heat source and large heat sink base, heat pipes may be used to efficiently spread the heat over the entire heat sink base. This can be accomplished by embedding heat pipes in the base.

Finally, increasing the efficiency of heat sink fins can also be accomplished using heat pipes. In this situation, the tops of the heat sink fins are dissipating little heat. By connecting the tops of the heat sink fins to the heat sink base with heat pipes, additional heat is carried to inefficient areas, thereby greatly increasing the performance. Below are several examples of heat pipe integrated heat sinks.

Enertron engineers are experts in the utilization and integration of heat pipes. If you feel you have an application that may benefit from the use of heat pipes, please contact one of our thermal engineers.

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